Smallholding dreams!

As many who grow their own I do have dreams of the good life, self-sufficiency and using my creativity to build something for my family! An investment, some days I find somewhere that will do, but in reality it supports none of our current needs. Then there are the properties that have everything but without the room to grow!

I have found a place that already is growing in my mind, I can see its potential through the most basic of facilities, with room to grow a small business! Every second I view the lot I can see the space building and developing in my mind…  if we dug out a large area here, we could add the raised beds there!

There have been a few lately all local to schools, shops and health facilities which have given me the focus to dream a little… if only it was easy to relocate everything at the click of a button

So between the snuffles, nursing nights and family life, I can see the potential for my small holding dreams!

Happy Dreaming!


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