Canva vs Creative Writing!

Yesterday was a day of preparation, last spring I completed my second body of work, accomplishing 60000 words of eco-fictional narrative was a little miracle! I have recently tried to transfer it to Canva which is an app to support self-publishing of E-books, it has great design packages to create you front cover design which I presume was designed to present children’s books, e-books or essays. As when I attempted to transfer my writing it notified me that their was a thirty page limit? This obviously was not good for a manuscript spaced  270 pages and at this point I paused!

And yet I persisted to add a further thirty pages setting myself for another week of resetting pages and uploading, until finally I resolved to a third proof-reading….All in the free time I manage, at the time a few hours on an evening!

You can apparently link the PDF downloads but by the time I had transferred the said thirty pages with the many glitches and crashes, I could have probably animated, designed, written and self published a children’s book. So disheartened at the incompatibility of the application, I resorted to choosing a photograph similar to one above and building my own in word. Again the writing structure restricted my ability to present it as I required, the software unable to restructure the one page I was left unsatisfied.

I have read many publishing and advice blogs, and received some valuable information but as this story will probably take four books to complete I am in no rush to put this first part out as I can see it taking a while to complete with satisfaction.

I am old school so I wanted to start handwriting the next chapter, only to realise I had another forty pages that I had already noted that required typing! So I resorted to reading! The great work I achieved is next time I have real time, I know I can type up my notes to the next book….Until then if anyone has any advice on Canva or other home editing packages or on Applications for presenting larger bodies of work I would be grateful for a point in the right direction!

Happy Creating!



2 thoughts on “Canva vs Creative Writing!”

  1. I have only used Amazon Kindle for self publishing e-books and more recently paperbacks. We have made lots of books for the grandchildren using on line photo book creation, but that is a very expensive method suitable only for exclusive editions of one!


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