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GYO – Sowing and First Snow Day!

Yesterday I managed a visit to our local pound stretcher for essentials, returning with this years potato and onion sets, after searching I realised I had used the last of my cucumber and leek seeds, so after searching the racks I found some at two packs for a £1. Finally I invested in some peas and beans, at £1 per pack they will allow me to grow a few on in the greenhouse, so if I do not get there again I have enough to sow when the season starts.

I settled for King Edwards and charlotte potatoes to start with, I am also going to chit our Aldi favourites as they are really fluffy spuds. This will allow me at least 6 rows of potatoes for our front bed. I may visit the garden centre for a few Valor seed potatoes as my experiment last year was voided by the scorching weather.

The Peas were ‘Clevedon Wonder’, Beans were ‘best of all’ and I shall buy a few other varieties later on, I am tempted with a few ‘Giganties; but we shall see as I have some field beans to use up from last season. Whatever I choose I will ensure I use the seeds saved from last years as they were a very resilient crop.

I watched as my daughter skilfully began to fill two base trays and together we filled them with the onion sets, the previous years crops were taken and any left did not grow well, this years I will plant when growth is established. I am tempted to invest in a camera to see where the giant birds that take them are coming from!

Tomorrow I hope to spend an hour digging the trenches for the potatoes as the bed is already cleared and I can straw to ensure the weeds cannot benefit from the freshly dug earth. At £3 a Bale it is worth it as any walkways or planted areas covered in it produce very little weeds and greatly reduce the hours it takes to maintain planted areas. This will cover 75 percent of my land worked beds which and has allowed me to manage my plot with around four hours maximum on site.

Pre – Blood moon, I planted all of my onion and brassica seeds in the cups my daughter prepared so now I have a good selection to start including:

  • Rainbow Chard
  • Spring onion
  • Leeks
  • Romanesco Cauliflower
  • Red Cabbage
  • Sweet Peas

The Sweet Peas were sown by my son…something we can grow on the side of our compost Bins for the Bees! I hope to collect the manure to fill my pumpkin trenches on Thursday! Which will mean all of my main land beds will be prepared or set by the end of this week….

As I type my allotment ideas are being quashed by snowfall, it looks beautiful but puts a dampener on tomorrows digging plans… I love snow days! It is falling fast covering our yearling German Shephard as she romps around the garden…. I hope we get snowed in!

In plan B; I will be with our youngest children watching the snow!

Happy Horticulture!



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