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GYO – Sunday Sowings!


Today I have been searching for craft supplies, canvas for embroidery as the large printed one I have is making gradual progress, I fancied making something out of my many pattern books. I am surprised at the cost of canvas and have reached the decision that art panels from around a pound are the way forward. they are pre framed and of a suitable material, far better value for money than a 25cm patch for £2 on ebay!

My large embroidery panel will be completed in time, it takes its slot between, family, The allotment,  planting  and writing. I plan on starting my second book this year, when I can have a free hand to write. Typing up allows me to edit and proof read, so I prefer to transfer from notebooks which encourages my children to write and create. However the growing season well on its way I do not know when I will find any time!

Today my daughter and I managed to plant up the garlic, she enjoyed breaking up and counting the cloves. From four bulbs we had 60 cloves of garlic which we planted into circular trays. After a quick water I have set them in our small greenhouse, these will be potted on when the roots and shoots are fully formed. I have assigned one of my strawberry beds for garlic and onion sets, as I plan to place all of my strawberries in a larger bed we cleared of fruit last summer.

I also managed to plant three types of cabbage, January King (purple and green) Greyhound (green) and a large crop Mammoth which is a large red variety. My daughter helped me fill around thirty cups, these will hold a selection of crops and fruit plants that we sow early to ensure mature plants earlier in the season. These will be set aside in the kitchen to grow in low light away from heated areas and windowsills, allowing around 15 degrees for germination.

I plan to sow brassicas, onions and tomatoes, peppers, chilli’s and leeks over the next few weeks, around 6 to ten seeds of each as I intend a monthly sowing of each in an attempt to have plenty of crops to over winter. I have lots of seeds I would not usually sow, these I plan on using to grow to donate and sell, Radishes my daughter planted today I will let her plant in the Belfast sink at home to allow her to check on them regularly. These are Something which we can add to stir fried breakfasts, sautéed potatoes, onions, mushrooms and radishes added to sausage, bacon, eggs and tomatoes are great on a quiet morning. It also allows you to use up small potatoes and onions from your allotment that may otherwise be thrown away.

I will use the sinks and raised beds at home for salad leaves, beans, peas and lettuces as I have a million seeds to make use of. I am looking forward to trying the various types of pumpkins, this years crop will hopefully have a greater variety. Tonight I plan on sowing a large variety of Cauliflower, kale, onions and broccoli as the pots are prepared and providing I get an hour I will have officially started 2019. I know they will grow as it is mild so I intend to have a few weeks for germination ensuring by early March I have some seedlings to replace my Early purple Broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

So with Sunday lunch already complete, seeds planted, babe in arms nursing, I shall spend my evening preparing and planning my next craft project. As obviously crop rotation already setting the location of this years planting, I have no need to plan further. Hopefully I will get an hour this week to prepare the pumpkin and potato trenches.

Happy Horticulture!


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