Sunday Day Dream!

I have spent New year in a blur, back in hospital with the littlest and after over nine days without sleep I returned home and melted into the comfort of our family home. It is hard to watch them struggle, but thankfully we have emerged safe and well!

I had focussed of late on the desire for a small holding, whether by purchasing land or a house with additional grounds that we could develop over the next few years, currently I have spied an area of land which is around £10,000 that we could build on whilst living and paying for our current home. Eventually we could sell up and purchase a house from the sale of ours, in a hope to develop a secure future for our substantial family.

The land is hours away but we could spend the holidays preparing it for a new eco home, if the local community would accept the proposal, it has permission for a 3 bedroom house but the cost for a local builder is probably expensive. Until then we could site a static caravan which would allow us a holiday location as the children grow, as a project it blows the cobwebs from the day to day obligations, allowing me to resource and problem solve.

It would allow me to set up an allotment space we could plant in April and return to tend through the holidays! The idea has kept me driven for a long time and as we have finally found a way to build it locally, it still does not satisfy the dream of growing on your doorstep.

A chance to relocate to the lochs and mountains is an ultimate dream, achieving it as a large family on a budget is the key. As much as we could cope in isolation, our children’s health problems mean that warmth is essential, in reality a house is required with a relatively large expanse of land.

The ultimate leap would be to sell up and buy a house and the land ensuring we maximise the profit for our children, so post return I am focussing on maximising the financial return available in the next few years.

Wishing a Happy, New Year and best wishes to you all for 2019,


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