Christmas Value!

So this year with a first Christmas! and five to find as usual we have our work cut out to provide them all while maintaining the budget. I spent last nights snuggle time focussed on pricing up things that will add value to their days! I need constructive play to be part of all of their New year, less them time and more time working together!

Initial pricing shows BM stores to be the most reasonable but it is whether stock is available, I found new products on amazon for all with educational value at a cost but if I can these will aid them with maths and engineering focus they would not get the opportunity to access. Initial looks at the supermarket show prices double those of other home stores so I will not be using them unless for specific known products if at all!

For all indulgence and Frozen food will be through an Iceland delivery, as they are reasonable year round on roasts and seasonal goods and can be delivered allowing me to avoid shopping at busy times. Aldi is my store of choice for fresh and groceries, I find it second to none at anytime of year and enjoy quality products for attainable pricing! As a large family I like to shop weekly as I find small frequent visits are full of un-necessary items which would not be necessary if the primary shop is completed.

This will hopefully allow me to budget to provide for an excellent variety of home cooked fresh and frozen food to last the holidays for under £200 pounds. Which is the top of my grocery budget for two weeks festivities, but at this time of year at just over ten pounds per person per week is more than acceptable.

For clothes it is generally Primark that I check first however I find Asda’s products are great value for money, even better if you can source what you need in the sale! I do often find that charity shops as they can sell clothes in fantastic condition still with the initial purchase tags on, but I tend to buy as I need rather than on a whim.

So today I will complete the online shopping were possible, Santa’s wish list and see what we can source locally next week, I might even travel to visit the local Christmas market!

For my Christmas box, I am fortunate to have my family around me, blessed with our daughter! I am able to access the materials I need to grow or make whatever I need when I get a moment to focus. Our world is far more spacious with our recent work, so I will enjoy sharing the wonders of Christmas with my children, resting and relaxing when I can and invest in me when I really have a want or need to!

Happy Sourcing!




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