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One Month old!

So my daughter is now about a month old, so far she broke me for a week after exerting myself in hospital for the first few days! Which I made the most of with lots of rest and cuddles with our beautiful bundle, while my husband supported me, despite my experience with our children nothing takes away the decision making that keeps your family safe and well,  made through our varied experiences and with added support of professionals!

Today I am sat with her constantly, breastfeeding and typing a new talent and the Jaundice she held at ten days is still apparent, I have rang the hospital after being told she would be checked further if still unwell post 21 days, but without any contact I rang to prompt action, with their only advise was to contact the GP as otherwise she is well!

So, A prayer to our little princess to keep her safe and well! that it is a blip in the ocean of health and well being! But with a week of preparation required for the others whatever she needs I will provide even if it takes us from home…

So today, as always my work is clearly defined, all those jobs which I admired others for going out and working are packed into my daily life and make me all the more proud of my children and the successes they achieve! however small they are, they are precious!

Happy and Hopeful!


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