Winter Warmers!

The only joys of enduring the icy cold of winter are the wonderful things you can make and eat to warm your family up! So far I have knitted a baby hat, mittens and booties which were completed during my frequent visits to hospital before our wonderful daughter was born.

Soups; I have been drawn in to the soup isle of my favourite store, I am yet to sell them to my toddler as she has strong food opinions and collections of wonderful chunky chopped potatoes and vegetables is apparently less appetising than a simple sandwich. Obviously I have not given up dishing up these wonders, but seemingly only my husband and I have enjoyed the hearty warming goodness of soups and stews as the temperature has dropped. At least our youngest is enjoying the benefit of them even if she cannot yet eat for herself!

Jumpers; tend to be more a necessity but who doesn’t like a warming fluffy jumper. I am still not a big knit fan, I stand in admiration of those who can craft out an adult size masterpiece but for me it is far to time consuming. I will focus on the characters above which I gift to friends and families that appreciate a hand knitted gift, something that cannot be bought and adds to the Christmas experience. Festive alternatives are a must have after the revival of Christmas jumper day, another plot to ensure we have to spend a small fortune to provide them every year! I have to buy some this year but I plan to buy them a few sizes and pass them on over the years, my children grow like giants so it works to ensure you have brand new ones to pass down.

Stews; An all time favourite! still trying to find a good recipe that my children will appreciate but for me it is one of my winter favourites. Whether with Gammon, beef, chicken or sausages, it is always better left over night as it tastes sublime (something I don’t do as I tend to cook fresh everyday, as we rarely have leftovers!)

Warm Drinks; The morning cup of Tea, coffee or chocolate becomes a must, I find myself drinking far more at this time of year. My children also enjoy a drink of hot chocolate and adding a few marshmallows are a big hit when available.

Winter coat; A good winter jacket is obviously a priority, I hate the cold so for me it is a must, nothing worse than feeling the cold.

Hats, Scarves and gloves; Finally the time to ensure everyone has them to keep off the cold, after buying several pairs of gloves already I am returning to the idea of attaching them to ribbons or sewing onto sleeves as pairs go into school and never return.

Strudels and crumbles; Any pudding which is warmed is vital at this time of year, filled with fruit and custard strudel are often added to our Sunday lunch. Obviously Christmas pudding can be added to these, however for the family a good fruit loaf or cake fresh from the oven is favoured by all and manages to last a few days.

So, whatever your plans, Christmas or just New year if your short on gift ideas keep it simple, everyone appreciates the added warmth over winter.

Happy Preparations!


2 thoughts on “Winter Warmers!”

  1. I crocheted an Advent calendar for my just three grandson this year and cut up Xmas cards as pictures ( healthy option! ) to put in the pockets. My daughter writes on the back of them – the activity for that day. I’ll make one for his baby brother next year.

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