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Knit – Free Santa bag, New flexible Pattern

 Beard; (white/cream)

Cast on 12 stitches,

Pearl 1 row,

Increase 1 stitch beginning and the end

Pearl 1 row

Repeat last 2 rows until forty stitches.

leave 20cm of wool to stitch if making a folded bag


Stitch first 10 in white,

Add flesh colour knit 8, increase in next 4 stitches, knit 8 (44 stitches)

Change to white for 10 stitches.

(White) Stitch 10,(Flesh) Knit 8, increase in 8, knit 8, (white) knit 10 (52 stitches)

Stitch to stitch 3 rows.

(White) Knit 10 stitches,(Flesh) knit 12, knit 2 tog 4 times, knit 12,(White) knit 10. (44 stitches)

Pearl 1 row

(White) Knit 10 stitches, knit 10 (flesh) knit 2 tog twice stitches, knit 10, (white) knit 10       (40 stitches)

Pearl 1 row

Stitch to stitch 6 rows

Leave 20cm of wool if making a folded bag


Change to fluffy white; stitch to stitch 5 rows

Change to red; pearl 1 row

Decrease beginning and end stitches

Repeat last two rows three times.

Cast off.

leave 10cm per colour to stitch if making a folded bag

This pattern can be transformed into a small stocking by folding in half and stitching with mattress stitch. I thought it would make a great sweet holder for the tree.

Alternatively using a few layers of material it could be made into a cushion or small present bag. Ensure all stitching is added with the knit face inside so it can be turned inside out on completion, this will keep all stitching inside the bag or cushion. Turning it right side out fill and stitch or button the seam as required.

Finally it could be hung as a banner by adding two loops to hold a twig, with a 25 cm length of crochet string to hang it from. But for my first Santa panel I chose to fold it and make a sweet stocking for our tree, I think those cone sweet packs would fit perfectly.

Whether made into a cushion or a bag I feel his character is clearly defined in this festive knit, completed in just a few hours. The eyes will be added at a later date…when my daughter finally has her nap!

Happy Crafting!


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