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POSTCARD – Christmas Preparations!

So after discussing the value of a new plastic tree against our favoured Real tree it was decided for us, On arrival at our local ‘Trotters’ yes with yellow three wheeler in the carpark; I ventured in to see what treats they had in store. Outside the topped trees were really well priced so I had a good idea of what I wanted for this years display.

I chose a six foot beauty for £25, with the help of staff I bought a fabulous pot which was reduced from £40 to £20. This store is my compost supplier at £10 for 4, 60 litre bags I usually fill my seed trays and borders with their multi-purpose compost. So I purchased the 4 ensuring I had compost to start my seedlings in spring, or this week for my leeks and Brassica seeds.

Finally I went to a local store and purchased some multi -purpose lights, indoors or outdoors for £6 to ensure we had the lights to decorate our new tree. So yesterday when the children returned we planted it into the new pot securing it firmly into the soil and added the lights, tinsels and decorations.

After making a few card drapes decorated with spare baubles our Christmas scene was set, the final touches were the characters I have knitted over the years… each child has their own from the snow dog, a snowman, Olaf to Santa. These I like to set with nativity books, festive children’s books and Christmas classics in a hope we get chance to read together or each other or read with their Christmas friends.

Whatever the celebration I try to present, reading and craft opportunities to add to festivities. Papier mache sweet boxes (gravy or pringle tubes) which were made into reindeers, snowmen and penguins were a great success in previous years, homemade cards and salt dough tags decorated and sent as gifts are just a few that we make every year.

All of my knits are from patterns I have collected over the years! I have tried to start larger collections but I tend to focus on more manageable characters, something to fill the small amount of free time available.

Happy Preparations!


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