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DIY – A New Space!

So After a day of work, as my daughter slept I was busy adding the pallet to our new room. I find these projects so satisfying, in reality we could have waited to change rooms but my summer in hope of my spare time being used to sow and grow with the children I felt now was as good a time as any!

My toddler is an avid decorator in all the wrong ways so I try not to invest too heavily in home changes. I spent £60 on wall paper, this included some artist print paper covered in roses for the dining room which was on the list of to – do’s that was overtaken by the swift and unexpected arrival of our daughter. As I had been told to take it easy this seemed a good way to gradually increase my standing time with a little bonus for me.

The satisfaction of a clean and elegant finish even on the smallest scale can make a big difference to the winter season, decorating in summer is only completed through necessity as time is better spent outside. So after Applying the first roll I realised I could complete most of the room with the four rolls I had purchased, as I reached the most complicated corner I invested in another roll.

When I finally patched the pillar wall I realised I should have invested In a further roll but for now I am happy. My wonderful bed has pride of place, A king size, hand carved, four post bed which I purchased a decade ago for a hundred pounds will stand the test of time and I would not dream of replacing it.

A visit to a local charity shop allowed me to get four Black picture frames to set around the room at a cost of £4 pounds for them all, I will enjoy choosing the photos of our children to collage. The frames would have set me back £20 pounds or more brand new, well worth the rummage to allow me to create a personal gallery.

So for around £40 I have created a bright and airy room, that requires maybe two new pieces of furniture which I will add as I find. The curtains were from our original front room and include tie backs, even with the large bed my daughters crib and cot can still fit in with the changing unit. Additionally the girls room now has a new double bunk and is half way to completion, so in little under a week we have managed to re-use, re-purpose and recycle to create two spaces.

Happy Renovating!


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