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DIY – Sleeping – The Castle

A few years ago we spent a few days transforming our daughters room into a Fairy Tale castle, the many splendid examples on sale locally of bespoke bedroom furniture were priced at around £600 per bunk was far more than we were looking to spend. After a little research we devised a method to build our own.

After extending the bed using joists on either end the top bunk was extended, our daughter being a giant we wanted to ensure she had plenty of space. This opened up space for a den underneath which could be used for storage or to play in. The boards cost around forty pounds, while the paint we already had from previous projects.

The windows were slightly raised to allow a barrier to ensure that they were safe in their sleep space, with the cost of side guards at twenty pound each and with climbing toddlers this was not only an aesthetically pleasing project but made the space far safer and more entertaining a play space. The final addition was a large arch which we added two purple doors that made the den space enclosed and accessible.

To date with our family expanding we are looking to change the two main rooms over allowing the girls a much larger space so this is the first project to be started. Once complete we will have a new space and the children will benefit from a designed space to fit all of their needs.

The initial plan is adding two bunks into the larger room with a day bed with storage set as a sofa between. I hope this will allow the room to be multi functional as my oldest will need a space to relax while the youngest play. I also need a work space for them to do homework so this will be another on the wish list.

On the offset it could be an expensive project, but after sourcing the second bunk for £40 pounds it may only cost a few hundred pounds to finish a room with space for 5!

The castle above has now gone as this is to become our small master bedroom, and I look forward to decorating and adding our furniture into the modest space. Unable to paint with a newborn the wall papering will ensure I can complete the work as my daughter sleeps!

Happy Recycling!


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