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Knit – Sénor Skeleton – Part 10


As the final pieces are put together, The new character is in need of some arms and once I added the hands to the arms I began to prepare them for sewing. Lay the body on its side and position the arm centrally around four rows down from the collar. Once in position stitch the flat top of the arm.

I find it easier to sew the back into position following a stitch line of loops on the jacket it can be secured neatly along to the reduced point. Following a set line stitch the under arm position and add enough stuffing to pack out the arm and shoulder.

The arm requires to be full enough to maintain a good shape, once you are satisfied stitch up the final side following s stitch line and tie off through the under arm neatly. Once complete repeat with the second arm removing the excess thread as required.


Now if you have made this original to the pattern you will have a wonderful mariachi hat to add to the character. This being my second skeleton I thought I would make my own style hat, it has the shape of a Pharaoh’s; Queen Nefertiti as it has straight side and peaks at the back.

To make;

Cast on 46 stitches – Purple

Knit 3 rows in garter stitch (knit rows only).

Change to ascent colour (emerald green) Pearl 1 row.

Knit 3 rows in garter stitch (knit rows only).

Change to purple -Pearl 1 row.

Stitch to stitch for 10 rows.

Increase beginning stitch and end stitch of the next 6 rows.

knit 3 rows in garter stitch (knit rows only)

Cast off.


Flat top;


Chain stitch – 5 links,

Double chain, single chain – link to the circle.

Repeat this line until you have around a  5cm diameter circle

Allow 10 cm of excess thread, tie off the final loop.

Stitch into the top of the hat from the fold seam, until returning to the seam thread through the underside of the top and secure.

Making up;

I have left the lower third of the face visible to add small features and give the impression of an extended head. So finally I will make up an ornate skirt and detail the character, but for now it is a complete skeleton requiring a few final touches.

To achieve the best results;

  1. Ensure your material is knit face out.
  2. Ensure your positioning is accurate before you attach the pieces.
  3. Try not to over pack the pieces.
  4. Leave on all excess thread for the final sewing of the pieces.
  5. Once secure tightly draw the threads to cut and relax it back inside the finished piece.

Again if you wish to make your own Halloween project today, with this day of the dead inspired character! You will find the website link below, whether you are seasoned or a novice it is worth the time and attention as the nights draw in to create something unique for your family!

AlanDart.co.uk\Holiday knits (Sénor Skeleton) for £2.50.

The information on this project should give you enough detail to complete any of the projects on the website, whether you choose the Noah’s ark an epic sized knit or one of the many fairy tale of celebratory characters the focus and attention to detail is the same.

Happy Creating!


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