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Knit – Sénor Skeleton – Part 6

Cushion Filling;

As my husband had popped to the range to collect me the filling for my new Skeleton, it was around £6 per bag on the last purchase which I usually buy a couple of bags so I have plenty to knit with over winter. As once the weather draws in I generally spend my free time between writing and knitting, as days at the allotment are rare.


The first step is to cut out a cardboard foot to fit the base of the shoe, if you wish to be able to wash you character it is probably best to use a plastic base. This will allow you to get it wet without losing the structure of the foot, as cardboard will disintegrate in the wash.

Once the sole of the shoe is reinforced you can add the filling, pressing down on it to firm it into position. The key is to add a little at a time to ensure a firm but not over pack the finish, pressing the outside of the shoe to ensure the form is firm and that the filling is not visible.


The legs require setting knit side out, with the seam drawn to the back of the shoe. The key here is to stitch together the final two loops of the cast of row, this leaves one horizontal stitch visible that creates a defined lip to the shoe. As I used the thin end of the leg to the shoe occasionally you have to add two stitches per loop to ensure that the sides are in a good position.

As you complete the final stitch neatly and tightly tie up the back and sew through to the outside, once secure you can pull the excess thread through tightly and cut it back close to the panel, this draws in the final thread once relaxed it returns into the finished leg. This method is good when adding the facial details on completed items, although you have to be careful with the darker colours on white for example as they can often still be seen through the material.

Once both shoes are secure you are ready for the next stage, it really is a small part completing the build, as once you have your collection of pieces you can move through the various stages quickly. It is easy to ensure a good finish if you stick to these rules;

  1. Ensure your material is knit face out.
  2. Ensure your positioning is accurate before you attach the pieces.
  3. Try not to over pack the pieces.
  4. Leave on all excess thread for the final sewing of the pieces.
  5. Once secure tightly draw the threads to cut and relax it back inside the finished piece.

So, as you can see the legs are the next step, I could have continued them on however I want to be able to detail each area and support the description with a visual representation.

Again if you wish to make your own Halloween project today, with this day of the dead inspired character! You will find the website link below, whether you are seasoned or a novice it is worth the time and attention as the nights draw in to create something unique for your family!

AlanDart.co.uk\Holiday knits (Sénor Skeleton) for £2.50.

Happy Halloween!


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