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Harvest – 21 October 2018

Yesterday was another quick visit to the allotment, the sun was bright as I wandered down the path to check on our plants, the courgettes have had their final crops which will mean I can clear the final part of the first large bed ready for winter. This I will do on a day next week when I am able to visit if I get a moment.

The grass has made a full recovery post drought and the site is in need of a good cut back, this will be dependant on the weather as the grass is holding moisture in the morning frost. My structures and spaces are just beginning to require preparation for next year and I hope to complete it as soon as possible.

The cauliflower although small I picked for harvest as it was beginning to draw unwanted attention, after putting it with our first Broccoli head I was pleased to have the first to pick. The beans are flourishing on the main vines so I picked a few handfuls and will check to see if any are large enough to store for next years seeds.

All of the tomato plants had ripe fruit on them so I collected the red fruit and left the green to ripen, my peppers are still growing slowly as are the bean plants on the new arches. The new plants are a foot from the top of the supports although I do not know whether they will produce anything, let alone last still spring. As I admired the growth of my Brassica beds, I am glad to have a few productive areas growing nicely, especially the carrots and Broccoli.

The water tank it’s now at 300 litres, hopefully by next year it will be full after the increase in rainfall, I look forward to being able to use my own water supply next year. All in all the space is working well and I look forward to preparing the beds and cutting back for spring.

Happy Horticulture!



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