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HORT – Autumn Colour

As I wandered around my garden yesterday I noticed that Apart from the evergreen chorus, the colours of my deciduous plants were beginning to come through especially the Acers. I find the combination of the Hebe’s, grasses and bamboos are fabulous at this time of year.

I found a lot of these gems, in the sale area of garden centres on our travels, At this time of year the combinations stand out and add to texture of our garden. So as our trees die back until spring. I love how the different varieties stand together softening and blending the different areas of the garden. The tones and textures are amazing, they draw you in and you lose yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the space.

I have to say it is beautiful at this time of year, somewhere we can watch as the birds tend to the winter garden, their harvesting of the seeds a welcome addition to  a dull morning. As the weather draws in and the dark nights it is the time to snuggle in and keep warm, thankful for the summer and harvest, excited for our new addition and in anticipation of the spring ahead.

I enjoy the days of Autumn were we can open the doors and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine, the focus being on enjoying our family and preparation for the work ahead on our new arrival. It will be a busy winter this year, which will make a good transition for next year as we settle in to the growing year with our baby.

Whatever the weather we will make the most of another year of growing, and nurturing the wonderful family we cherish. My youngest flourishing with happiness and confidence around us, I am proud and satisfied with our year so far and look forward to spring!

Happy Horticulture!



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