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CRAFT – Ariadne Family


  1. A Newspaper.
  2. Two types of Black Fabric (textured and shiny).
  3. Darning needle.
  4. A pair of scissors.
  5. Black wool.

Step 1 – Roll the paper into a spider body shape and squash until firm.

Step 2 – Wrap the paper body in the chosen material and cut away the excess.

Step 3 – Sew the material, stretching it back to the centre of the body ensuring the stitching is on the underside of the body. Once all of the material is stretched tightly over the body tie off and cut away the excess thread.

Step 4 – Making a smaller roll of paper, shape the head in proportion with the size of the body.

Step 5 – Cut the second material to make the head, I chose a shiny material which looks like lots of  different spider eyes.

Step 6 – Sew the material into the centre of the underside of the head, stretch until it is stitched tightly at the back and tie off to secure.

Step 7 – Using the excess thread sew it to the end of the body until secure, once satisfied tie it off and cut off the excess thread.

Step 8 – For the legs, I will either crochet the required lengths and stitch centrally to the base of the body from the centre of the leg.

8A – To knit cast on the amount of stitches required for adequate length for two legs and knit 4 rows, cast off and tie up the seam. Obviously you will need to repeat this four times for the eight legs. Once they are complete stitch them centrally, so it is halfway along the leg  and secure to the underside  of the body. This can then be tied off when all four strands are set in position.

8B – Alternatively you could buy black furry pipe cleaners and twist them around a button at the base of the body, the button can be secured and tied off before the excess thread is removed.

The idea;

I remembered on one of the autumn make-over pictures, there were some papier-mache spiders so I thought about what we could use to make our own. Truly they are not a favourite character, however these are soft and textured something tactile for the children to play with, they are child friendly as there are no additional small parts. The body is simple to shape and can be as big or as small as you would like, I have made several in a variety of sizes.

The materials were from items which were on their way to the clothes bin, so it cost nothing but a bit of time and effort. These will last for years if stored in a suitable container, on completion I used some garden fleece and black lace from one of the tops to make a web over a white box.

After adding a play tea-light I set them all out together, I plan to add a few large ones to web drapes on Halloween but until then; I will have a bundle of legs to make once my Main Project is finished, see how Sénor Skeleton is doing on my other posts.

I am happy with our little craft project, they are unusual and fun additions to add to our pumpkin projects!

Happy Crafting!


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