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Knit – Sénor Skeleton – Part 3

A few days ago, during a quiet evening I started to knit the legs, these are not a massive knit but they do take longer being a pair. Casting on the gradual increases are relatively simple to follow, I managed to knit one leg completely and cast on for the second leg up until the first increase.

Putting it aside I finished it the next evening, until I had two equal size legs, there is obviously a stretchable element as these will hold the weight of the shoes once stuffed. With this in mind I always tend to test whether they will be a similar length by measuring one against the other to ensure they are equal. It is important to remember that you need at least thirty centimetres of wool to complete stitching up the seam of the legs.

Once completed taking the first leg, once cast off and tied off the panel will require to turning pearl face out and folding across its length. The thirty centimetre of excess can the be used to thread through the first loop. Continuing with mattress stitch the seam is sewn to the end of the leg, once complete it can be tied off and turned so that the knit face is on the outside.

Repeat again for the other leg ensuring you turn it pearl face out, stitch the seam until the end of material and tie off. The next pieces to complete are the shoes and the arms, which again will take a little longer as there are two of each, I will do the shoes first as they are a quicker knit.

A few of my older children choose to enjoy the face paints, dressing up and carving, for this I will make an effort to prepare a little, this is a good way to make something to last I plan on adjusting the attire, maybe a different hat along with the original that is integral to the knit.

Again if you wish to make your own Halloween project today, with this day of the dead inspired character! You will find the website link below, whether you are seasoned or a novice it is worth the time and attention as the nights draw in to create something unique for your family!\Holiday knits (Sénor Skeleton) for £2.50.

Happy Halloween!



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