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GYO – Harvest- 09th October 2018

Yesterday as a flying visit between, dropping the children off and the weekly shop I checked on the allotment, I am sad to see the pumpkins beginning to lose there foliage but my pumpkins never the less look great. I managed to harvest a small Jack-o-lantern which has been left to ripen on the vine for at least a month and is now being stored with a few others and the corn cobs in our fridge. The beans we planted at the end of the holidays are just about two metres tall, they are growing away nicely even with the beginnings of the frosty mornings.

My main crop is still producing its large pods, the flowers are still blooming away and the autumn pollinators are enjoying the sunny weather! I have decided to keep my Bean and flower bed intact as the  and nasturtium plants are still blooming nicely. The allotment is quiet as most of my neighbours have dug over their half plots bar a few rows of crops.

I will have to wait for a quiet day! if there is such a thing and spend a few hours digging over, preferably without the twenty minutes it takes to get there. the walk is not an issue, it is the few hours work and walk back which is the killer, with a few months to go I do not want to push myself too hard.

My daughter however has her social requirements to attend so, I will find a fine weather day to go spend a few hours clearing the pumpkin bed and weeding. I am still waiting to have the paths mown, but it is recovering nicely from the drought so I will not have to sow any grass seed which is a bonus. Hopefully I will manage to get it done before I need a scythe to cut it back.

A few of my Broccoli florets are just beginning to show so I may get a full head by November, our first success with broccoli will taste that little bit better for the effort it has taken. All in all the season has gone well and the seedlings appearing in my carrot box are germinating nicely, so next week my newest raised bed will be cleared and I will add another rebar cloche and fill it with the thirty plus seedlings graciously donated.

My tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse are doing well, even my watermelon plants are beginning to flower, it really will surprise me if we end up with fruit after sowing them late on with the children in the holidays . October on the plot is looking good, I am enjoying the mild weather this Autumn and hope it lasts as the warmer the days the longer the crops.

I did manage to source three different gourds from the supermarket, I have plans with some assistance from my children to make some Halloween additions and this will obviously allow me to harvest the seeds, my favourite one is (little drum) which I found alongside a small black colour gourd. At 89p they were a lot cheaper than the website equivalents at £3-£5, I will have to wash them well treat the seeds like gold, to ensure they survive until we are ready to plant them in spring!

Happy Horticulture!




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