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Knit – Sénor Skeleton – Part 2

Making up the body;

A few nights ago I started on the body, following the pattern for the body you will have cast on in black, however I chose purple for my trousers so to avoid any confusion, please keep this in mind. The base of the body starts with the colour of trousers you chose, anyway as you can see by the above photo in part 1; I covered the making up of the skull and neck components.

Once the body is completed it will be set in three colours, the trousers (black), the cummerbund (signal red) and the shirt (white) as per design. Mine are purple, green and white but you get the idea, each area should have at least ten centimetre of excess thread to sew up the different colours.

When the body panel is complete fold it with the pearl side pacing out, to ensure all finishing is inside the character. As before using the white, stitch together the first two loops and continue through each loop with mattress stitch, tying off on the completion of each colour and cutting back the excess thread. This ensures the threads do not show against the white when stuffing your finished piece.

I have shown the tying off of the green section through its final loop, ensuring each section is tied off securely will prevent any holes appearing over time. Finally the purple thread is used to complete the body, again tying of firmly to the end as the body will be filled from the shirt area of the piece. (please note; the body has a white trim to the cummerbund as it has not been turned, knit side out which will need to be done before filling!)

As you can see from the final picture I have left excess white threads at the sections were the different pieces shall be secured together. The shape of the skull is clear once sewn together and the basis of the character is visible even with the completion of these few parts.

My next step is to make the legs as these along with the arms will take some time to complete. I am making the individual pieces before I make up the character as I have to collect some more stuffing, I usually source it from The Range or through the local market for around £6 per 250g, however I want to check online to see if I can find a cheaper alternative.

Again if you wish to make your own Halloween project today, with this day of the dead inspired character! you will find the website link below, whether you are seasoned or a novice it is worth the time and attention as the nights draw in to create something unique for your family!\Holiday knits (Sénor Skeleton) for £2.50.

Happy Halloween!







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