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Knit – Sénor Skeleton – Part 1

Making up the skull and neck;

As I previously discussed my first Knit is Sénor Skeleton by Alan Dart, being a project I started last week I am able to show you the first section of the make which for me was to knit the head.

The knit itself is relatively straight forward and took around an hour to complete, once you have cast off the panel for the head you are ready to put it together. Allow around twenty centimetres of wool on the end of the piece for making up, I find this reduces waste and any excess can often be used to link the finished pieces.

I find the best way to stitch the seam is to have the knit face inside, leaving the pearl side on the outside as this ensures your stitching and tying off remains on the inside of the piece once stitched.

So folding in half using the length of wool left for making up stitch together the first loops, then using each following link sew through using mattress stitch to the top of the head and tie off the final stitch through the last loop.

This will make a clear skull shape and due to the stitching leave a large enough gap for stuffing and linking to the neck of the piece. As this is a relatively small knitting component  and uses the same colour, I knitted the neck at the same time.

Again once it is cast off the same sewing method can be used, the excess wool is then saved as this will be used to sew up the two pieces together when building your character. I have chosen to only show the head and sewing method for this post as for beginners it is key to completing the project with an excellent finish.

The brilliance of these knits is evident in the completion of the project, the components themselves always look like a selection of rough body parts. However do not be fooled once put together they make an amazing character, why pay for a cheap plastic alternative when your Sénor Skeleton will last generations.

As you can see mine I added to a simple wooden wreath, which in time I hope to add knitted foliage and seasonal leaves, however you present him he is a great addition. If you wish to make your own Halloween project today, with this day of the dead inspired character! you will find the website link below, whether you are seasoned or a novice it is worth the time and attention as the nights draw in to create something unique for your family!\Holiday knits (Sénor Skeleton) for £2.50.

Happy Halloween!


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