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Halloween Knitting Project!

The beginnings of autumn are just beginning to show in the local landscape, and as the allotment ripens off the last of the fruit it is time to focus on a new project. Last year I made a mariachi  Skeleton, the pattern is one of my favourite along with a large collection from Alan Dart. I used to invest in one a month through the simply knitting magazine as I was drawn to my success with his creations, amazing shapes and great details which is easily replicated within the use of the pattern.

Today I collect them when found in simply knitting magazines, or online if it is something special but over the years I have built up a huge collection of characters. After losing a few patterns to the children’s curiosity I now laminate to ensure the longevity of my patterns, a good idea if you are around a busy family.

I have to admit I would love clothing knits but do not have the time to focus on producing anything more than baby knits, being quick and easy to complete in an hour. I have found that being a busy mum I can, utilising a few hours a night have a character finished within around a week.

I find this designers patterns whether large or small can be completed with consistent but moderate skills, the difficulty as always is the finer details which becomes easier with practice. I have created many a character of my own but donated them to my sons schools in the years following my Dart design education, you collect an insight to the patterns relationship to shape and devising your own becomes achievable.

I am not anywhere near the likes of the masters, I have seen some technically precise character builds which clearly define the original focus in blogs which are fantastic. The focus of this blog is to show the gradual build process from pattern piece, stitched component and eventually the final filled piece.

I find character builds are great as within an hour you can complete, one or two components without any holding of position and mass counts of larger knitting patterns. My first projects took me months, I started on completion of my degree as I was used to a few hours work an evening, needing a homebased substitute i switched my focus between, knitting, writing and growing which even in my life was achievable.

So today I am introducing you to ‘Bones’ my wreathed version of Sénor Skeleton, the pattern is currently £2.50 online which is extremely reasonable for such a great pattern. I am aware it is not the best photo presentation but I wanted to show it in all its glory, horizontally the face was only visible. This pattern would be great as a skeleton on a shelf, substituting beans for the base of the body over the original stuffing which I feel I will do this time.

I chose traditional colours on the first knit, this year I am knitting it in a selection of greens, purples and oranges. I have a large collection of wool obtained over the years through charity shops and sales, occasionally I will purchase a specific colour for something special but I prefer to use the colours I have available and create my own. However this pattern is created with specific reference to wool colours produced by Hayfield Bonus DK in 100g sizes.

So whatever the skill level, if you can Cast on, pearl, increase, decrease, Knit 2 together, Skip one, Knit one and pass over, and Cast off; you can complete any of his patterns with ease. Changing colour is essential but if you struggle I am sure there is some online workshops available to assist beginners. It really is just a matter of knitting patches of material, whether you build as you go or save them all to build together at the end, eventually you have a character your family can share which is both fascinating and fun.

If you are interested in following my Halloween character build, or joining me by visiting the website referenced below and purchasing the pattern as a Halloween project, I will be adding regular blog posts on the different stages of the knitting panels and making up.

I would like to thank the designer for his support in approving the using of his spooky design and the sharing my Halloween project!

ref;  alandart.co.uk\ holiday knits (Sénor Skeleton)

Happy Halloween!

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