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GYO – Premier Delivery!

As I looked outside today at the wet autumn weather I could be almost convinced it was April, if I did not know it was the winter weather drawing in. As my husband passed me the envelope this morning I was full of excitement, realising my new seeds had arrived was uplifting!

The realisation however, that I had to wait for next season to plant them was the return of the lull. If it was March my children and I would be knee-deep in compost and plant pots, filling our greenhouse to the brim with our potential new treasures. At least one packet was unavailable but for under £14 pounds for 18 crop types I am still thrilled with my purchase.

I still would like to try a few more gourds so I will save seed from the ones I like at the supermarket, I plan to add two more wire trellis sides to my pergola which will allow me to grow heavier crops as vines more securely.

In the end I received; (Halloween Treasures for 2019)

  1. Miniature White Pumpkin (Baby Boo) 10 seeds.
  2. Miniature yellow Pumpkin (Jack be little) 35 seeds.
  3. Squash (Table King) 20 seeds.
  4. Gourd (Crown of Thorns) 10 seeds.
  5. Squash (Crown Prince) 5 seeds.
  6. Pumpkin White (Casper) 10 seeds.
  7. Squash (Delicata) 30 seeds.
  8. Squash (strawberry crown) 15 seeds.
  9. Squash (Yellow Scallop (Patty pan) 25 seeds.
  10. Marrow yellow and green (sunbeam) 10 seeds.

Beautiful Brassica collection;

  1. Italian Cauliflower (Di Sicilia Violetto) a Dark purple Head. 400 seeds.
  2. Italian Cauliflower (Romanesco) green, pyramid shape heads. 100 seeds.
  3. Cabbage (Mammoth Red Rock)  800 seeds.
  4. Cabbage Red (Acre) 800 seeds.
  5. Kale (Scarlet) 600 seeds.

Additional Extra’s;

  1. Okra (Burgundy) 150 seeds.
  2. Sweetcorn (Glass gem) 20 seeds.
  3. Lemon Balm seeds 250 seeds.

The packets are plain and simple, I also received a voucher for wine which I could utilise to receive twelve bottles of wine for £40, that could be divided for presents to friends and family.

Final Harvests not yet in I am looking forward to my pumpkins ripening and winter beans. I can already visualise the fun of next spring trying to grow enough plants to fill my large beds, finding spaces and pots to add even more onto the plot.

I will grow my usual, potatoes, main stream Brassica’s, Beans, Flowers, Carrots, Sweetcorn, sunflowers and root vegetables such as swedes and turnips even if I have to sow them at midnight.

I hope with the additional varieties I can fill my beds for most of the growing year with relative ease. Weather permitting, baby wrapped up warm and secured to my chest I hope to start my second full year with a wave of new crops for 2019.

I may try starting a few Brassica’s off in the greenhouse as they grow relatively well in low light and cooler conditions but the rest will have to wait until the new growing season!

Happy Planning!


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