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GYO – Sourcing the unique!

As I have previously discussed I was looking to grow a variety of small pumpkins and squashes this year! I have looked previously on ebay and found the majority of the crops I would like to grow only available from the United States, the postage and packing for one product being over £5 in some of my favourites.

I have my yearly supply of regular crops already In my seed collection however as I searched previously i could see no local suppliers. Undeterred I returned to ebay for a second look and was fortunate enough to stumble across a UK site which offered a discount of 25% of over 6 items, figuring if I purchase 10, I could receive a diverse range of unique seeds for £7.50 I began to look through their selection.

It was not long before I found a few treasures the first of which was a white pumpkin called Casper and the larger Crown Prince which is an off blue variety I was in my element. I also managed to find a variety of  purple broccoli (Sicilia Violetta), purple Kale, The green Cauliflower (Italiana Romanesco), a few varieties of red cabbage (Acre & mammoth red rock) and Glass gem sweetcorn. The Jerusalem  gourd and red Okra were the next choices, as I find the shape intriguing and plan to try roasting them with a mixture of vegetables topped with cheese, a twist on my favourite roasted sweet peppers.

After A  further look I found some small white and yellow pumpkins which would be ideal for climbing a trellis or archway (Baby Boo and Jack be little). Finally I chose a sunbeam marrow, which was a orangy yellow with green stripes and a yellow scallop squash. There really was a lot more I would have added however after choosing 19 Items figured as they were free delivery I would have 19 products for the price of what five varieties would cost in the garden centres.

So if you are like me and investing in next years Halloween harvests for the family, or just looking for a large variety of seeds at a reasonable price this site should definitely be a port of call.

Obviously I purchased double the intended seed packs but at 75p per pack for choices which would have been around £3-£4 per pack. This will be an early Christmas present that will last for years as I plan to save seed from the successful fruit to ensure I can regrow them every year!

Ref – Premier seeds Direct , ebay seller rating 99.9%

Happy sourcing!





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