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DIY – Bug Hotel (Play kitchen!)

You will need:

  1. Four Pallets.
  2. Coloured emulsion. (Whatever is available)
  3. Old table top,
  4. 3 lengths of pallet wood or decking boards.
  5. A large Tea pot!
  6. A selection of old cups and plates.
  7. A selection of ornaments.
  8. large Plastic bottles (recycling)
  9. A tray of Pansies or viola’s.

Tools required;

  1. Plastic tie backs.
  2. Cup hooks.
  3. Garden hooks.
  4. A hammer.
  5. A Saw
  6. A paint brush.

Building the Table:

Step 1 – The base of the outdoor play table doubles as the bug hotel, for this three of the pallets are placed one on top of the other and tacked with nails into position.

Step 2 – Using the emulsion, paint the top wood of the final pallet including around the sides. This should show a clear distinction between the bug hotel and the table top, which provides a cleaner finish for the table..

Step 3 – The Base of the Old plastic table top is placed in the centre once dry and secured with four garden hooks. Once secure the lid can be replaced onto the base to complete the table top.

Step 4 – Placing the saucers and plates onto the table top, fill the cups and teapot with soil and plant the flowers into the newly filled planters. Once they are watered and the edges cleaned they can be set at the table.

Step 5 – Topping a selection of large plastic bottles, set them with old leaves, twigs or straw to ensure the insects have somewhere to retreat between the pallet layers. Bamboo canes, old bricks with holes are just a few materials which are great for insects to hide in or under and can all be added in the layers.

  • This was a family make for a local school garden, which we put together as a family once the materials were in place. It was for a Wonderland garden and was extremely effective, as a representation of a garden tea party!

Building The Bookshelf:

Step 1 – Turning the pallet onto its edge I measured the lower supports and cut to length using a saw. Once I had cut three to fit I placed them on the three different supports to make the shelves and nailed them into place.

Step 2 – Using the paint I painted the shelves and edges to define the shape of the bookcase.

Step 3 – Using garden hooks and tie wraps I looped supports around the metal railings, this was to ensure it would not be pulled over once in place.

Step 4 – Using cup hooks on the centre position and either side of the shelves I hung six cups which were positioned on the underside of the shelves.

Step 5 – Setting the plates as they would be on a wall unit, I used the grain of the decking boards.

Step 6 –  Finally adding the ornaments as required.

  • When put together they both made a unique play space for the garden, both functional and fun.

Happy Crafting!











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