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CRAFT – Dew Drop Wreath!

Yesterday my husband armed with a pair of tree loppers chopped around six-foot from the top of my laurel, this plant had grown for the last 8 years and I had managed to get it to arch over the walkway to my shed. To my dismay, I went outside to see that he had not only topped the excess height but cut back my archway, okay so I have more light to my decking but the shed was covered for a reason!

Anyway with half a ton of laurel now settled in the small walkway it was obvious I had enough to fill a small skip, after a  few moments mourning my archway I began to strip the leaves to fill my compost bin. I was surprised how flexible the stems were and despite the relatively short length I managed to make a dew drop shape from the longer cuttings.

Using a small amount of garden wire I secured the first shape, adding another branch beginning from the opposite direction I twisted the branch through the first ring and secured the top with a wire twist. After leaving them overnight I filled out the loops with grape-vine cuttings and some ivy flower heads from the garden.

With a few lengths of ribbon I think they will make wreaths that can be dressed for Halloween, with a small skeleton of collection of plastic characters. I however will place the largest one at my front door and find a slate sign to hang from its centre, something seasonal to represent the change of season and hopefully it will last the winter.

With a little planning, my archway should be back by the end of next year and my husband is now officially banned from using the shears!

Happy Crafting!


1 thought on “CRAFT – Dew Drop Wreath!”

  1. Thankyou! I do not know what to do with them though, I might donate them to my children’s schools for harvest festival, they can auction them! I am thinking about adding a cheap spooky skeleton for Halloween lol!


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