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DIY – Toadstool Compost Bin

Toadstool Compost Bin

You will need:

  • Black conical compost bin and lid.
  • Motorbike tyre.
  • Car tyre.
  • Red and white paint.
  • Large and small paintbrush.

To Create;

Step 1 – Ensure the tyres and lid are clean, this is easily done with a small hand brush and a hose pipe.

Step 2 – Add a base coat of red paint to the lid and tyres, once covered leave to dry and add a second coat as necessary.

Step 3 – Once they are all dry, place the motorbike tyre on the bottom with the car tyre on the next layer before finally replacing the lid.

Step 4 – using the tread of the tyres, mark evenly spaced circles around ten centimetres in diameter (a large art brush is ideal for this). Once they are dry  the circles can be filled with further paint, I used white masonry paint as it had a brighter finish and I felt would last longer.

The finished product was extremely satisfying, it makes a fabulous feature for a family garden, as a compost bin or filled with straw for a hedgehog house It still brings a smile when I see how fabulous they look several years on.

This method can be used to create hanging baskets and plant pots to set up turned on sticks, everything you need to create a unique space for your children to play in. I used materials collected from friends and family, using old house paints which had been set aside from previous projects.

Happy Creating!


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