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POSTCARD – Logan Botanical Gardens

As with all fabulous memories they are created by unique opportunities! It is not always possible to find accommodation, however we find that our tent is ever ready for an excursion and as our youngest was still small we set off on a last-minute vacation. After locating a fantastic site, small with the bonus of a heated outdoor pool we spent a week near Kirkcudbright.

After spending the majority of the week between the many local attractions and forest walks, we decided upon visiting the local Botanical Gardens. This was a journey of over an hour towards the western coast of Scotland, heated by the gulf stream the gardens are tropical in nature due to the unusual climate. As it was one of my few bucket list gardens I was eager to explore it, so packing the essentials we headed to our destination.

It may not seem a location young children would find exciting but as we arrived it was clear they were all excited, I find that my children appreciate quiet places and this was to be another favourite. The landscapes were fantastic, I have to admit the lush variety of Plants, Tree ferns and Palms were breath-taking. We were especially drawn to the Jurassic landscape created by the Tree Fern glade, as it was seemingly designed with my eldest in mind.

After surveying the first few areas, we came across a small and compact restaurant. This being a treat we ordered a round of sandwiches and drinks and enjoyed the peace of our elderly companions. After around twenty minutes, full and with renewed energy the children followed down into the lower gardens which extended from the restaurant.

I was impressed with the variety of plants, the large glades were planted formally and allowed each specimen to be seen at its best, I especially enjoyed manoeuvring through the Gunnera Glade although, it towered over us and required a lot of redirection thanks to the barbed stems of the plants.

After following the different routes we settled in a glade and the children took the camera to take pictures of specific plants they could recognise from home, it was a wonderful place to experience the different textures and flowers of the gardens.

Finally we visited the learning centre, it was interesting to see the unusual egg collection, also the photography on the initial building process. After a good look around I finally returned to the car and enjoyed a good rest, the children were tired but luckily stayed awake until we got back to the campsite.

The day was well worth the effort and thoroughly enjoyed by all,

Happy Memories!




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